Akwaaba is our way to say welcome in our own Akan language. You will have the privilege of experiencing the famous hospitality and friendliness of the Ghanaian people. Let me invite you to Ghana, a country as colourful and diverse as her cultural and historical heritage as well as her rich variety of animals and plants. Fadiwa Travel and Tours

There is so much to discover , not only for the tourist from abroad but also for every Ghanaian who wishes to strive through this beautiful and exciting country. At the same time Ghana is now in her "Golden Age of Business", supported by special initiatives of our government, creating opportunities for investors and entepreneurs to establish and develop business in one of West-Africa´s fastest growing economies.
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21 Days - 20 Nights Expedition Tour Of The Natural Resources Of Ghana  
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Emacipation Day Yearly 1st Aug. ..more  
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