Tour Packages >> 21 Days - 20 Nights Expedition Tour Of The Natural Resources Of Ghana
 21 Days - 20 Nights Expedition Tour Of The Natural Resources Of Ghana


Day 1 Arrival / Welcome Ceremony
Arrive in Ghana through the Kotoka International Airport. You will be met on arrival, transferred to you hotel and given an orientation on Ghana. Overnight at the hotel.


Day  2 Shai Resource Reserve / Dam Tours
O your second day depart to the Shai resource reserve on your wa to Akosombo. The reserve, which is 5,140ha, consists of a very striking and attractive range of rocky hills set in the middle of expansive open and wooded grassland plains supports 31 species of mammals, more than 175 species of birds and reptile species. The principal mammal species presently found in the reserve and which are of importance to visitors and tourists include western kob (about 150), oribi (not common), grey duiker, bushbuck, serval, civet, genet, anubis baboon, vervet monkey and spot-nosed monkey. After lunch depar to Akosomb. For a tour of the hydro electric dam to see how electric current is generated throught the force of water turning turbines. Overnight at Akosombo.

Day 3 Tafi Monkey Sanctuary –Wli Waterfalls
Af ter breakfast at the gust’s house, drive through the eastern corridor to the Volta region to visit that Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary and cultural village-where the true mona monkeys live peacefully with the inhabitance of this unique village.
Lunch at the Wli guest’s restaurant then visit the Wli water falls-the highest waterfalls in cascade in west Africa with it’s colony of wild bats, butterflies, breath taking sight and cool environment with the water flowing from a height of over 100ft above the ground.
Overnight at the Wli guest’s house.



Day 4 Likpe Ancestral Caves – Afadjato 
Depart from you hotel to some other historic site in Ghana. Visit the ancestral caves of Likpe also in the Volta region. Legends has it that the people of this community sorted for shelter from the harsh weather conditions in these caves and also for protection from their enemies in time of war, also this place serves as religious grounds for many. After lunch take the privilege to visit the highest point in the country. Visit mountain Afadjato. Take a hike to the top of this mountain to see a panoramic view of the souranding areas which is a delight to watch. Overnight at Akosombo.
Day 5 Volta Lake Cruising (Only On Sundays & Holidays)
Today, have a feel of traveling on the Volta Lake. Cruise in the “Dodi princes” which is a vessel and also known as the pride of the Volta on the Volta Lake which is the biggest man-made lake in the world in terms of surface. Cruise to the Dodi Island amidst traditional drumming and dancing on board. The “Dodi princess” also provides room for entertaining you and you kids on board with computer games and other forms of entertainment. Overnight at Koforidua.

Day 6 Boti Falls And Umbrella Rock 
It is yet another time to see one of the spectacular and numerous water falls Ghana is blesses with. Depart your hotel to the Boti falls. This water falls is in cascade and has the unique characteristic of being framed by a magnificent rainbow after each fall. You will be delighted to be here. After lunch visit the nearby rock which is in the exact shape of an umbrella. Overnight at Kumasi.


Day 7 Kumasi City Tour
You are now in Kumasi, the traditional capital city of the Asanti region. Depart for a city tour of Kumasi knick named “the garden city” due prevalence of nice looking flora and the architectural designs in it. Visit the home and residence of the King of the Asanti kingdom, the palace museum located in the residential grounds of the Asantehene. The Armed forces and Prempeh II exhibits the relics of past Asanti wars. Overnight in Kumasi.

Day 8 Craft /Cultural Villages Of The Asanti Region
Get a feel of he culture of the People of the Asanti Region today, take the opportunity to visit some of the cultural villages of the Asanti region such as Bonwire- the home of the popular Asante Kente cloth, the Awhia wood caving village, Ntonsu where the local Adinkra cloth is produced., the natural lake Bosumtwe site and a lot more. Overnight at Kumasi.

Day 9 Larabanga Mosque/ Mole Natinal Park
After breakfast depart very early to the Northern Region of Ghana. Visit the Larabanga Mosque. The 13th century Mosque, believed to be first built by Moorish Traders, it is one of the holiest sites in Ghana. In the building is a Quran, which is as old as the mosque itself. After lunch visit the nearby Mole National park. Mole National Park is the largest of Ghana’s National Parks and situated in the heart of the Guinea savannah woodland ecosystem, it is home to 93 mammalian species, 33 reptiles, nine amphibians and an estimated 300 birds species. The mammals include some 600 elephants, 2,000 roam antelopes, 3,000 hartebeests, 4,000 waterbucks, 5,000 buffalo and some 6,000 warthogs. Uncounted lions, leopards, hyenas and various primates can also be seen in Mole. Overnight in the National park which will afford you the opportunity to see some of the animals that only come out to feed at night.

Day 10 Paga Crocodile Pond 
Depart the Northern Region to the visit the Paga crocodile pond. This Crocodile Pond was originally a sacred sanctuary for crocodiles.  Tourists come to watch hordes of eager crocodiles responding to the summons of the attendants. The crocodiles are said to be totems for the people of Kassena, who reside in Paga and the surrounding communities. It is believed that each native of Paga has a corresponding crocodile representing each person's soul. Local tradition has it that there have been actual instances when deaths of important personalities in the community coincided with that of some crocodiles. Overnight at. Tamale.

Day 11 Buabeng –Fiemah
Depart the hotel to the Boabeng –Fiema Monkey Sanctuary. This is a twin town conservation program to conserve the Mona monkey which is in extinction. The people in this community live harmoniously with the monkeys with the believe that they have a relationship with their ancestors. It is a taboo to kill or harm the monkeys. In this community dead monkeys are wrapped in white calico cloth and buried with coffins as done to humans. Overnight at Ankasa.



Day 12 Ankasa National Park

Depart after breakfast to the Ankasa Conservation Area which is also a twin wildlife protection area comprising of Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. It is about 500km ² you will be blessed with the opportunity to see some wild life including birds in the natural habitat. Overnight at Takoradi.

Day 13 Nzulenzu Vilage On Stlits / Nkumah’s Grave 
After an early morning breakfast at the hotel, depart westwards along the beautiful coast of the central region to visit a village of over 500 people on a stilt popularly called Nzulenzu meaning on stilt. You have the privilege to ride in a wooden but safe canoe boat on the lake tadana on whish the village is. After lunch, take a ride Nkruful to visit the birth place of Ghana’s 1st and most remembered President Osagyfu Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Where you will see his final resting place and that of her mother. Overnight at Ankasa.

Day 14 Akatekyir Crocodile Pond
Today visit your last attraction in the Western Region. Depart after breakfast and pay a visit to the Aketekyir crocodile pond. The pond is located 30 km west of Takoradi. Come and witness how the local fetish priest entices the crocodiles from the water with a live chicken. Visitors are welcome except Wednesday which is a sacred day. I promise you will marvel. Overnight at Elmmina.

Day 15 Elmina Castle
You are now in the Central Region of Ghana. Give you self a feel of the slave trade era. Take the privilege to descend down memory lane.. Visit the Elmina castle. Also called the St. Georges Castle, the Elmina castle is built in 1482 by the Portuguese was taken over by the British and houses the West African Historic Museum. It is the earliest biggest known structure in West Africa. Overnight at Elmina.

Day 16 Cape Coast Castle Tour
Continue the castle tour also located along the coast of the Central Region. Visit one of the UNESCO designated world heritage sites – the Cape Coast castle. Built in 1653 by the Swedes is located along the coast of the Central Region. Take a tour of the salve dungeons, slave auction room and the other relics of the slave trade era. Overnight at Cape Coast.

Day 17 Kakum National Park/ Pusuban Shrine 
You are welcome back from the memory lane of slave trade. Now imaging taking a walk on a tree-top canopy walkway hanging at the top of huge trees about 100ft above the forest floor. Yes I mean visit the Kakum National Park. It is a 357 km² typical undisturbed virgin rainforest. Excellent walking tour(and a tree-top canopy walk way) through the forest provide the opportunity to see much of Ghana’s indigenous plant life, as well as rare butterflies, birds and game ( that could include the extraordinary bongo and forest elephants) overnight at Cape Coast.

Day 18 Relaxation At The La Pleasure Beach
It will be uncalled to visit Ghana without having a feel of the numerous beaches she has been blessed with. After breakfast depart towards the Capital city and visit the famous La pleasure beach resort. This beach is blessed with white-clean sand, large continental shelve and palm fringes. You can have same kind at various parts of the country along the coast take the opportunity to have some fun in the sun and sand. Overnight in Accra

Day 19 Accra City Tour
After breakfast depart hotel for a sightseeing city tour of Accra. You will drive through the administrative and economic districts of Accra, the capital of Ghana. This124-year-old city with has a blend of colonial and modern architecture that summarize her history. You will visit the W. E. B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture, Independence/ Black Star Square and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. After lunch in a local Ghanaian restaurant, you will end your tour at the Arts Centre where you will have an opportunity to use

Day 19 Aburi Botenical Gardens 
To day make it a point to once again get close to nature. Take a ride to the Eastern Region. Visit the Aburi Botanical Gardens. This garden situated on the Akuapim ridge attracts over 5,000 tourists a month. Established as an agricultural station and opened to the public in 1890. The garden has a collection of375 different species of plants carefully arranged around ten lawns in a way that creates harmony between man and nature. The garden attracts lots of birds and butterflies that add up to its beauty. Overnight in Accra.


Day 20 Day At Liesure For Shopin /Individual Movement
You might be tired by now I guess, spend the day on individual activities. You can use this opportunity to exercise you bargaining power and skills to shop from an open-air market for artifacts from Ghana and West Africa. Overnight in Accra.

Day 21 Pre Departure Formalitie/ Departure
After breakfast relax at the hotel, depart later to the airport for the departure formalities. Return and relax at the hotel preparing for departure later in the night

Tour package include;
• Accommodation in a 2 to 3* hotels
• Fully air-conditioned tour coaches/cars
• Accompanied at all times by a professional tour guide
• All expenses paid in advance

COST OF TOUR: (Quote is per person double occupancy)

Number of  Tourist

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Please note:
Single Supplement: The cost of this tour is based on 2 people sharing a room. In cases where there is only one person in a room, that person will pay a single supplement of........

The Cost of package will increase if hotels, Airline fares and transportation cost increase. Quote will be reviewed 3 months before group’s arrival and you will be notified accordingly.

Principal attractions;
• Shai Resuorce Reserve
• Akosombo hydro electric dam
• Wli waterfalls
• Tafi –Atome monkey sanctuary
• Volta Lake cruising
• Boti falls
• Umbrella rock
• Manhyia palace
• Ntonsu
• Awhiaa
• Bonwire
• Mole national park
• Larabanga mosque
• Paga crocodile pond

• Cape coast castle
• Elmina castle
• Buaneng –Fiemah monky village
• Ankasa national park
• Nzulenzu-village on stilt
• Kakum national park
• Akatekyir crocodile pond
• La pleasure beach
• Aburi botanical gardens

Transportation in an air-conditioned coach.
Accommodation in the best budget - 2 Star hotels in Accra, Elmina, Busua, Kumasi and Akosombo. Tamale,Takoradi, Ankasa and Kumasi. Most hotels feature air-conditioned rooms with private baths, TV and telephone, bar & restaurant and swimming pool, business center, health club and more.

Breakfast daily

Entry Fees:
All entry fees included in this tour package are prepaid.
Tour Guiding Services:
A trained chauffeur guide will accompany the group at all times.

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