Special Events
Emancipation Day is celebrating on First August every year to commemorate the abolition of Chattel Slavery.  Ghana invites Africans in the Diaspora to celebrate Emancipation day.Fadiwaa Travel and Tours is not the organizer of the program but  if you want to participate contact us.


Pan African Historical Theatre Festival is a biennial cultural and spiritual event aimed uniting peoples of African descent.  Highlights of the Festival include procession and durbar of chiefs. Bazaar visual art exhibition. Social programmer and tour African. Fadiwaa Travel and Tours is not the organizer of this program but for participation contact us.
Para Gliding Events
This event coincides with the Easter Celebrations in April and is celebrated at Atibie, Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
Festivals In Ghana
ADAE KESE: ASANTE FESTIVAL celebrated every 5 years to climax the celebration of specific milestone achievement of the Asante kingdom.
AKWASIDAE:  It is celebrated every forty days or every sixty Sunday, It is used as a platform for pledging allegiance to the Asante Hene.
DIPO: Puberty/Initiation Rites celebrate in the Krobo and Ada areas of the Greater Accra Region.
ABOAKYE: (Live Antelope Hunting) celebrated by the people of Winneba, Central region on the first Saturday of May.
BAKATUR: BAKATUE is celebrated by the people of Elmina In the central Region. It is in the form of regatta to usher in the fishing season and is celebrated on the first Tuesday of July.
ASAFU TUFIAM: It is a war festival celebrated by the people of Ada on the last Thursday of July
HOMOWO: The Festival of the ‘Gans’ of Accra and its satellite towns.  It is a harvest festival to “Hoot at Hunger” and is celebrated between August and September every year.
FETU AFAHYE: Oguaa Fetu Afahye is in the form of carnival is held to purify the state. It is celebrated by the people of Cape Coast in the Central region on the first Saturday of September.
ODIWIRA: the popular Odwira festival of the people of Akropong Akwapim in the Eastern region is celebrated between September and October. It is a harvest festival and brings together the chiefs and people for stocktaking, purification and development of the states.
KUNDUM: Is celebrated by the Nzemas in the Western Region in October.
HOGBETSOTSO: Is celebrated by the Anlos the Volta Region on the First Saturday of November. It commemorates the migration of the Anlos from the ancient walled city of Notsie in present day Northern Togo
FIOK FESTIVAL: This is the festival of the people of Sandema in the Builsa Traditional Area of the upper East region.  It is a war festival, which marks their victory over the slave raisers, Babatu.  It is held in December with war dances and durbars of chiefs.
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